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Isaiah Letendre
Player Info
CityRed Earth Creek, AB
Summary Stats
Las Vegas Storm2015 20164317153249
Las Vegas Storm2016 20175132397195

Detailed Stats

46772015-10-02Las Vegas StormLake Tahoe Icemen2015 20161012
46782015-10-03Las Vegas StormLake Tahoe Icemen2015 20161120
44132015-10-09Las Vegas StormArizona Hawks2015 20161122
44142015-10-10Las Vegas StormArizona Hawks2015 201600010
49682015-10-23Las Vegas StormSuperior RoughRiders2015 20162020
49692015-10-24Las Vegas StormSuperior RoughRiders2015 20161012
49702015-10-25Las Vegas StormSuperior RoughRiders2015 20160110
46792015-10-29Las Vegas StormValencia Flyers2015 20161012
46802015-10-30Las Vegas StormValencia Flyers2015 20161017
46812015-10-31Las Vegas StormValencia Flyers2015 20160000
48292015-11-06Las Vegas StormPhoenix Knights2015 20160112
48302015-11-07Las Vegas StormPhoenix Knights2015 20160000
48312015-11-08Las Vegas StormPhoenix Knights2015 20160000
46852015-11-19Las Vegas StormSan Diego Sabers2015 20160112
46862015-11-20Las Vegas StormSan Diego Sabers2015 20160000
46872015-11-21Las Vegas StormSan Diego Sabers2015 20160110
46882015-12-03Las Vegas StormPhoenix Knights2015 20160114
46892015-12-04Las Vegas StormPhoenix Knights2015 20161120
46902015-12-05Las Vegas StormPhoenix Knights2015 20160002
52702015-12-15Las Vegas StormSeattle Totems2015 20160112
52482015-12-16Las Vegas StormDallas Snipers2015 20160000
52532015-12-17Las Vegas StormCheyenne Stampede2015 20160000
52612015-12-18Las Vegas StormEl Paso Rhinos2015 20160000
46942016-01-14Las Vegas StormLong Beach Bombers2015 20161010
46952016-01-15Las Vegas StormLong Beach Bombers2015 20160114
46962016-01-16Las Vegas StormLong Beach Bombers2015 20161010
48112016-01-22Las Vegas StormOntario Avalanche2015 20160000
48122016-01-23Las Vegas StormOntario Avalanche2015 20160000
48132016-01-24Las Vegas StormOntario Avalanche2015 20160000
48882016-01-29Las Vegas StormSan Diego Sabers2015 20160002
48892016-01-30Las Vegas StormSan Diego Sabers2015 20161012
48902016-01-31Las Vegas StormSan Diego Sabers2015 20160000
47152016-02-04Las Vegas StormLong Beach Bombers2015 20160112
47162016-02-05Las Vegas StormLong Beach Bombers2015 20161120
47172016-02-06Las Vegas StormLong Beach Bombers2015 20160110
50292016-02-18Las Vegas StormValencia Flyers2015 20160000
50302016-02-19Las Vegas StormValencia Flyers2015 20161122
50312016-02-20Las Vegas StormValencia Flyers2015 20160000
46262016-02-25Las Vegas StormFresno Monsters2015 20161120
46272016-02-26Las Vegas StormFresno Monsters2015 20160000
46282016-02-27Las Vegas StormFresno Monsters2015 20161010
46972016-03-03Las Vegas StormArizona Hawks2015 20160000
46982016-03-04Las Vegas StormArizona Hawks2015 20161010
54402016-10-06Las Vegas StormLong Beach Bombers2016 20170000
54412016-10-07Las Vegas StormLong Beach Bombers2016 20170000
54552016-10-08Las Vegas StormLong Beach Bombers2016 20172022
54862016-10-14Las Vegas StormSan Diego Sabers2016 20170220
55012016-10-15Las Vegas StormSan Diego Sabers2016 20170005
55042016-10-16Las Vegas StormSan Diego Sabers2016 20170110
55162016-10-21Las Vegas StormOgden Mustangs2016 20170114
55312016-10-22Las Vegas StormOgden Mustangs2016 20170000
55382016-10-23Las Vegas StormOgden Mustangs2016 20170000
55472016-10-27Las Vegas StormOntario Avalanche2016 20170115
55512016-10-28Las Vegas StormOntario Avalanche2016 20170000
55612016-10-29Las Vegas StormOntario Avalanche2016 20171235
55802016-11-03Las Vegas StormArizona Hawks2016 20171017
55832016-11-04Las Vegas StormArizona Hawks2016 20172130
55962016-11-05Las Vegas StormArizona Hawks2016 20172130
56192016-11-10Las Vegas StormFresno Monsters2016 20172022
56202016-11-11Las Vegas StormFresno Monsters2016 20172134
56322016-11-12Las Vegas StormFresno Monsters2016 20170007
56622016-11-18Las Vegas StormOntario Avalanche2016 20170000
56852016-11-20Las Vegas StormOntario Avalanche2016 20171010
57122016-12-01Las Vegas StormSan Diego Sabers2016 20170110
57162016-12-02Las Vegas StormSan Diego Sabers2016 20170005
57272016-12-03Las Vegas StormSan Diego Sabers2016 20171120
62302016-12-17Las Vegas StormVancouver Rangers2016 20170000
62432016-12-18Las Vegas StormCPJHL Rep Team2016 20170224
62642016-12-19Las Vegas StormWichita Jr Thunder2016 20172020
62672016-12-20Las Vegas StormSuperior RoughRiders2016 20170000
57902017-01-06Las Vegas StormArizona Hawks2016 20170220
57952017-01-07Las Vegas StormArizona Hawks2016 20172132
58112017-01-08Las Vegas StormArizona Hawks2016 20171237
58152017-01-12Las Vegas StormPhoenix Knights2016 20172352
58192017-01-13Las Vegas StormPhoenix Knights2016 20170335
58322017-01-14Las Vegas StormPhoenix Knights2016 20171120
58562017-01-19Las Vegas StormValencia Flyers2016 20170114
58632017-01-20Las Vegas StormValencia Flyers2016 20171010
58762017-01-21Las Vegas StormValencia Flyers2016 20170112
58912017-01-26Las Vegas StormFresno Monsters2016 20171232
58922017-01-27Las Vegas StormFresno Monsters2016 20170114
59052017-01-28Las Vegas StormFresno Monsters2016 20171010
59292017-02-02Las Vegas StormValencia Flyers2016 20170110
59322017-02-03Las Vegas StormValencia Flyers2016 20173142
59472017-02-04Las Vegas StormValencia Flyers2016 20170000
59682017-02-09Las Vegas StormUtah Outliers2016 20170000
59742017-02-10Las Vegas StormUtah Outliers2016 20170112
59872017-02-11Las Vegas StormUtah Outliers2016 20171010
60422017-02-23Las Vegas StormLong Beach Bombers2016 20170110
60552017-02-24Las Vegas StormLong Beach Bombers2016 20171010
60572017-02-25Las Vegas StormLong Beach Bombers2016 20170110
60892017-03-03Las Vegas StormPhoenix Knights2016 20170222
61042017-03-04Las Vegas StormPhoenix Knights2016 20172022
61172017-03-05Las Vegas StormPhoenix Knights2016 20170119
63252017-03-16Las Vegas StormFresno Monsters2016 20170000
63262017-03-17Las Vegas StormFresno Monsters2016 20170222
63442017-03-24Las Vegas StormLong Beach Bombers2016 20170000
63452017-03-25Las Vegas StormLong Beach Bombers2016 20170000