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Ivan Vilcauskas
Player Info
CityPortland, OR
CountryUnited States
Summary Stats
El Paso Rhinos2016 201724347174
Fresno Monsters2017 2018400017

Detailed Stats

57352016-12-03El Paso RhinosPhoenix Knights2016 20170006
57412016-12-04El Paso RhinosPhoenix Knights2016 20170000
57662016-12-10El Paso RhinosValencia Flyers2016 20170008
57772016-12-11El Paso RhinosValencia Flyers2016 20170004
62362016-12-17El Paso RhinosColorado Eagles2016 20170000
62502016-12-18El Paso RhinosIdaho Jr Steelheads2016 20170002
62632016-12-19El Paso RhinosSouthern Oregon Spartans2016 20170004
62732016-12-20El Paso RhinosCasper Coyotes2016 201710132
59262017-01-29El Paso RhinosLong Beach Bombers2016 201712314
59382017-02-03El Paso RhinosOklahoma City Blazers2016 201700021
59662017-02-05El Paso RhinosOklahoma City Blazers2016 201700012
60042017-02-12El Paso RhinosOklahoma City Blazers2016 201700020
60672017-02-25El Paso RhinosTulsa Jr. Oilers2016 20170115
60842017-02-26El Paso RhinosTulsa Jr. Oilers2016 20171012
60942017-03-03El Paso RhinosSpringfield Express2016 20170000
61082017-03-04El Paso RhinosSpringfield Express2016 20170000
61252017-03-05El Paso RhinosSpringfield Express2016 201700016
58252017-03-10El Paso RhinosWichita Jr Thunder2016 20170119
58382017-03-11El Paso RhinosWichita Jr Thunder2016 20170005
58442017-03-12El Paso RhinosWichita Jr Thunder2016 20170000
63552017-03-24El Paso RhinosSpringfield Express2016 20170002
63562017-03-25El Paso RhinosSpringfield Express2016 201700012
63842017-03-31El Paso RhinosWichita Jr Thunder2016 20170000
63852017-04-01El Paso RhinosWichita Jr Thunder2016 20170000
64522017-10-05Fresno MonstersValencia Flyers2017 20180000
64542017-10-06Fresno MonstersValencia Flyers2017 20180002
64632017-10-07Fresno MonstersValencia Flyers2017 201800015
64912017-10-13Fresno MonstersSan Diego Sabers2017 20180000