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Cole Richardson
Player Info
Summary Stats
El Paso Rhinos2017 2018333202340

Detailed Stats

64612017-10-06El Paso RhinosDallas Snipers2017 20180006
64662017-10-07El Paso RhinosDallas Snipers2017 20180110
64742017-10-08El Paso RhinosDallas Snipers2017 20180110
64802017-10-13El Paso RhinosOntario Avalanche2017 20180007
64812017-10-14El Paso RhinosOntario Avalanche2017 20180000
70492017-10-15El Paso RhinosOntario Avalanche2017 20180110
65522017-10-27El Paso RhinosSan Diego Sabers2017 20181010
65652017-10-28El Paso RhinosSan Diego Sabers2017 20180220
65772017-10-29El Paso RhinosSan Diego Sabers2017 20180330
65852017-11-03El Paso RhinosSuperior RoughRiders2017 20180000
65962017-11-04El Paso RhinosSuperior RoughRiders2017 20180332
66082017-11-05El Paso RhinosSuperior RoughRiders2017 201800015
66482017-11-17El Paso RhinosColorado Eagles2017 20180220
66592017-11-18El Paso RhinosColorado Eagles2017 20180000
66632017-11-19El Paso RhinosColorado Eagles2017 20180002
66722017-11-22El Paso RhinosSpringfield Express2017 20180000
66762017-11-24El Paso RhinosSpringfield Express2017 20180000
66812017-11-25El Paso RhinosSpringfield Express2017 20180110
66942017-12-01El Paso RhinosPhoenix Knights2017 20180000
67052017-12-02El Paso RhinosPhoenix Knights2017 20180110
67162017-12-03El Paso RhinosPhoenix Knights2017 20180110
67262017-12-08El Paso RhinosOklahoma City Blazers2017 20180110
67362017-12-09El Paso RhinosOklahoma City Blazers2017 20180004
67482017-12-10El Paso RhinosOklahoma City Blazers2017 20181012
71162017-12-19El Paso RhinosIdaho IceCats2017 20180000
70952017-12-20El Paso RhinosOgden Mustangs2017 20181010
71052017-12-21El Paso RhinosLong Beach Bombers2017 20180000
67512018-01-05El Paso RhinosWichita Jr Thunder2017 20180000
67582018-01-06El Paso RhinosWichita Jr Thunder2017 20180110
67632018-01-07El Paso RhinosWichita Jr Thunder2017 20180110
68022018-01-12El Paso RhinosOklahoma City Blazers2017 20180110
68032018-01-13El Paso RhinosOklahoma City Blazers2017 20180000
68192018-01-14El Paso RhinosOklahoma City Blazers2017 20180002